Putting Pen To Paper

Welcome to Hippie!

I’m sitting on a rustic bench in the sunshine on the local green, with the last of the summer heat bearing down on my back, about to embark on my first blog draft. I’m putting pen to paper.

I’m a complete newbie in the world of blogging; and this is my first attempt at a Hippie blog, so please bear with me. I guess the best way to introduce Hippie is to START from the BEGINNING. I think stripping it back to my earliest memories of why hippie became a reality is the best way to understand why hippie was created.

So here is goes, Pen to Paper…

Since childhood, probably the age of 7, maybe even younger, I can recall listening to amazing music, thanks to my mum.

Bands, such as The Beatles, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan & Bruce Springsteen to name just a few. I guess this became the base of hippie because of the era in which these bands started out really appealed to me from such a young age, the 1960’s is for me the era in which music really came alive, when electric guitars became accepted, when fashion was at large what ever you wanted it to be & when the summer of love was created, it was exciting and different.

A lot of Hippie’s ideas comes from listening to such artists, such amazing talents with lyrics that inspire hippie surf shack’s garments and home ware products.  When I listen to bands such as The Doors, I become catapulted in my mind to 1967, I almost feel like I could be sitting in the Fillmore Auditorium, in San Francisco watching & inhaler the air of craziness & psychedelic rapture that was Jim Morrison & The Doors.

A Romantic Notion I know, but WOW.

That is what Music should make you feel like, it should inspire you, put a smile on your face or just help you relax.

Another early memory that attributed to Hippie was when I used to look through my mums old photographs of her when she was a teenager, a teenager in the 60’s! I always remember thinking how beautifully effortless she looked, with her long straight hair, denim flares & Dr Scholl’s Clogs on. She Wore Bare minimal make-up had sun kissed skin & had a wave of hippieness about her. That one particular photo still to this day inspires the clothes in which I like to wear & what is etched in Hippie surf shack’s fashion wear.

In July 2015, my Husband, myself, our Son & Daughter traveled on our annual holiday to Florida. Whilst sitting out on the balcony of the apartment of an evening, me & my husband began to talk about Hippie (obviously not even having the name in mind yet), the direction in which we wanted to go, how I wanted it to stay as hippie as we could in modern day society, meaning we could appeal to everyone by not being too full on, to stay as true to my minds imagination of what I felt hippie should be.  We drank & talked most nights, we jotted down our thoughts, we gave each other ideas & direction & then we made plans.  When we arrived home after two fantastic weeks, hippie started to come alive, become reality.

Hippie Surf Shack became real….

Less then a year on & Hippie surf shack is making its small but honest dot on the world of business. It’s going from strength to strength & I am proud to call it ours, my Dream.

We was once featured on a site and they described us as ‘A shop that serves up that sweet summer style all year round’ – I feel that’s a true definition of what I feel Hippie surf shack is about. We offer Hippie & Surf inspired fashion wear, that is Cool, comfy & for Men, Women & Children.  We also sell lifestyle/home ware products that are designed & created by ourselves – our marble coasters & metal signs are well received & unique.

One of my favourite things to do is to sit down with a cup of coffee & get to work with my husband on a new design. There is a sense of satisfaction when you can let your ideas flow; it always makes me smile when I see our finished product that we have created.

I’m currently digging ‘The Doors’, reading an amazing book on Jim Morrison that I would highly recommend, a real page-turner. My husband & me are off to Paris at the end of September to go visit Cemetiere du père-Lachaise where Jim Morrison is buried & is actually the 4th most visited place in Paris. This trip will ultimately be about exploring, learning & sucking in more inspiration for Hippie. I can’t wait! We have just recently designed two new metal signs (featured) that are based on our appending visit & look amazing on your wall (we try & test all our products) – one for all you Doors fans!

And Breathe…. massive sigh of relief, pat myself on the shoulder, I completed my first blog, I’m no professional writer, nor do I pretend to be, but its nice to connect with the world & for the world to connect with Hippie, its felt great writing an honest, every day factual account of Hippie.

I guess now I had better pick up my floppy hat, put my pad away & break on through to the other side! It’s been a learning curve, it’s been fun in every sense of the word & I feel happy.

I love been on my hippie Journey!

Peace & Love