About Hippie

How Hippie Was Born:
The Story Of How Hippie Was Created...

In July 2015 my husband and I with our two children traveled to Florida for our summer Vacation. Often in the evening we sat out on the balcony of the apartment we were staying at, to relax with a drink and chat. This was when Hippie Surf Shack was ultimately created.  We love Florida, and we actually married on Clearwater Beach in the summer of 2013, not bad for a couple who hail from the UK!  We love the relaxed surf feel that you get just being there.  The shops are in abundance of surf signs, chic surf clothing and the Peace and love atmosphere.  This is us to a 'T', so it was enviable that surf inspired clothing, signs and accessories were going to be one of the features of our Hippie Surf Shack store.

As a family we share a love of great music and film.  Bands such as The Doors, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zep to name just a few, who give us inspiration that reflects in our personality's and inspired the 'Hippier' side of 'Hippie Surf Shack'. The 1960s featured a number of trends that were diverse and different to say the least.  It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the time.  For me in particular, my interest for the late 1960's fashion came at a young age.  I was always admiring photos of my mum and thinking how effortlessly beautiful she looked.  My interest for the late 1960's fashion has become a part of the way I now dress.  I love wearing outlandish 'flares' teamed with retro style modern trainers or a cowboy boot.  To look different and not worry gives a feeling of being a free spirited person.  I feel people should embrace what they really want to dress like opposed to dressing how they feel they should be perceived as looking like.  I enjoy the daily school run and all the heads turning from my colorful 'flares' and music inspired tees that I team them with.  I have had some great comments off people and one mum even told me that she wished she had the confidence to dress how she wanted to dress, not how she thought she needed to.  Sometimes peoples confidence can be boosted by other peoples ability to not care.

The late 1960's and early 70's fashion along with the music was a very influential time, The hippie movement late in the 60's also became a strong influence on ladies' clothing styles, including Bell bottoms (known better today as flares) tie-dye garments and paisley prints.  By 1967, the androgynous hippie look was in style too. Hippie Surf Shack is a mixture of the hippie and gypsy surf style clothing. The style will bring femininity, comfort and fashion to ladies and a cool effortless comfort to men. Hippie will also be selling home accessories and lifestyle products in keeping with the style of our clothing range.

We'd like to leave it with one simple message..

Stay young, go surfing, be hippie.